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Getting a vanity URL for Google Plus isn t all that important, but if you need one, there are ways to get one. The ones listed here aren t perfect, but they might work for you. If you know another way or you are using one these methods, please share your thoughts. I would love to what your thoughts on if you are using it.

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/>Owly Url Shortener and Internet Tools - The Benefits. Google+ s basic layout is a mix of what you d expect if you re an existing Facebook user with a lighter layout tone, such as you d expect out of Google. It s early days as yet -- so far, the only way to get onto Google+ is via invitation, and the early release of Google+ saw the company restrict invites several times due to overload issues. There s a few neat inbuilt touches that Google+ brings to the social networking scen

/>Shorten Url Service and Google Plus Shortener - Things To Look For. So it looks as if Google had more in mind than just adding the Google +1 voting system. Now that the Google +1 button is out and websites are adding the new buttons to their sites and articles, Google goes and creates the Google Plus social networ

/>If you want to find out who is talking about your competition or where they are being mentioned, create alerts for each competitor s business name and/or website UR

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