All right so, the Pope has the Pope Mobile, it is bullet proof in case god forgets to safeguard him I guess, who knows maybe god could get indignant over the "B-Motion picture" low cost costume apparel some of those in his entourage dress in? I would. In any case, a lot of important folks have specialty cars and trucks to parade around in. Truly there is a Golf Cart A person and it is at Camp David no question, very a fitting spot for a Presidential Golf Cart.

If you have any sort of concerns pertaining to where and how you can utilize supreme carts, you could call us at the internet site. Given that, Obama spends so a lot time on the golf course, Golf Cart One particular will have to be fully outfitted as a cellular command heart with predicament place stage sophistication, but that is barely all. In point, and rumor has it (a rumor I just now produced) - the cart has some fairly intriguing functions:

Bullet Evidence
Run Flat Tires
Air Conditioning
Evening Vision HUD
Dual Teleprompters
Photo voltaic Panels on the Roof
War Setting up Plat Panel Display
Secured Satellite Conversation
Totally Blown Corvette Engine by Calloway
Hybrid System with Regenerative Braking

In circumstance, he is interviewed he will have to know what to say and have a speech prepared, luckily for us his teleprompter is generally on standby for just the correct quote, quip, audio bite, a single-liner, or innuendo. For instance, Mr. President, Sir, how do you sense about the reviews designed by the Iranian Supreme Chief about your Presidential canine "Bo"?

"Perfectly, I am deeply troubled certainly, as Bo is a trusty and loyal Portuguese Water Pet dog [who fetches his golfing balls when he hits them into the pond] - more PETA isn't going to respect people remarks by the Supreme Leader of Iran, so he's barking up the completely wrong tree."

You see how important it is to have all the suitable words ready for any type of issue, also the teleprompter is often in selection by way of secured Wi-Fi to a Watson-like IBM super personal computer to look up and scour all the social media and world's information and the AI computer system system give percentages of what the Television viewers at property may want to listen to. The Golfing Cart also has a direct satellite connection to the Pentagon at all occasions. This is how President Obama is in a position to run the state so nicely and even now spend so significantly time playing golf with the best 1% company jet group.

Interestingly plenty of, Camp David now has an all-electrical micro-UAV helicopter (UAV Just one) drone which delivers sandwiches out to whatever hole President Obama is actively playing on making use of a unique GPS process, mobile tower triangulation to his Key Company enabled wise cellular phone with a complete Google Earth monitor for precise area supply.

Last of all, the rationale Obama is these kinds of a superior golfer is since as before long as he hits the ball he runs back again to the golf cart's interlinked iPad on the steering wheel, and he steers the ball into the hole making use of special sensors inside the golfing ball (specifically developed in a task with DARPA, MIT and Carnegie Mellon Robotics) to retain it rolling following it lands to it can be intended vacation spot.

Why does he have this element, properly, once again as "rumor" has it, he accidentally strike a duck in one particular of the ponds, and a covert paparazzi received a video clip of that utilizing an FAA unlicensed micro-air auto, and place the movie on YouTube, but the good news is many thanks to Internet Censorship characteristics, they took down the site right before it went viral, and taken off the video right before PETA a massive group supporting Obama could see it.

Properly, that is it for now. But, would you remember to reply a concern for me how do these rumors get started anyway

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