International fuel prices soaring, the owner complained again and again. Various manufacturers is the value of this breakthrough. If you have any inquiries with regards to the place and how to use 우리카지노총판, you can get hold of us at the web page. The Beijing Motor Show have launched many models such as BMW, Audi, Toyota, Honda power and fuel-efficient models. "Chinese dollars" said Honda offer hybrid success in the future; BMW introduced the "Efficient Dynamics" technology in the upcoming Beijing Auto Show BWM5 series of new long-wheelbase car will be powered by the "Efficient Dynamics" technology, specifically in the car driving when for the first time a combination of turbocharged direct injection Valvetronic electronic valve together; VALVETRONIC electronic valve is to solve the traditional throttle the dynamic response of slow and high control accuracy, making the engine more stable power output, but also make The fuel and air mixing to maximize en

br />Naturally as a local car prices to be outdone, the Beijing Auto Show will compete with the multinational auto giants to compete. SAIC in Beijing Motor Show to launch seven new energy passenger cars, outdoors, to launch a new energy commercial vehicles. BAIC will also bring new energy vehicles, E-Series EV Foton Midi electric vehicle debut. BYD on this show the world premiere of the dual-mode electric car called "

br />This year's Beijing auto show, the intelligent technology once again become a bright spot.

br />It is reported that Geely Automobile show will be an interactive experience center, people experience the intelligent technology of Geely Automobile smart technology is the ultimate experience, Imperial EC8 models will be on display a the advanced intelligent technology rolled into one supplemented by a large projection screen to match a comprehensive presentation of a series of initiatives, including the G-NetLink-car entertainment and communication systems, including security and smart technologies, the experience by being in a fantastic high-tech e

br />Shoulder rejuvenation red brand Hongqi H7 will also be released at the Beijing Auto Show, it is learned that the intelligent configuration will be the main highlight of H7, is expected to carry the ACC adaptive cruise control, the LDW road departure warning systems, the optional AFS headlights and night vision scientific and technical equipment of the system, the FCA front of the collision avoidance system and RV parking, film and televi

br />In addition, the Beijing Auto Show, Ford booth will be more prominent Ford smarter, green and 우리카지노이벤트 safe technology and will also through a series of interactive projects, attendees and fans to bring more attractive, lively and interesting exhibition Taiwan exp

Multinational car firms to fight the world prem

It is understood that among the 120 global debut, the multinational global debut 36 units, 35 units of multinational companies in Asia starting car, concept car 74 units, 88 units of new energy vehicles. Reflects the high quality and international level of the Beijing au

With the spy before the auto show, exposure, Photos and news came out, these models are beginning to emerge.Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality.  While multinational companies optimistic about the Beijing auto show officially shouted to build China's own car to Beijing auto show debut. Let's look at these "starting protagonist in advance. First, let's look at the "protagonists" of the three brands, Audi has officially launched the flagship Audi A8 hybrid, equipped with 2.0TFSI engine, with a total range of parallel a 40 kW electric motor as the driving force. Mercedes-Benz CLC four cars will also be the Beijing auto show debut. The design style is similar to the CLS. Dynamic, equipped with 1.6L, 2.0L two supercharged engine, this model is expected in 2013 a formal domestic.

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